Africa Shwe-shwe Xhosa Traditional Wedding

Shwe-shwe fabric has a long history in South Africa. Shwe-shwe is an indigo-dyed discharge printed fabric. Historians claim that the indigo cloth arrived in South Africa more than 2000 years ago, used as trade goods by Arabs and Indians. In the mid 1800s, German settlers introduced it to the Xhosa people, the brilliant colour appealed to the Xhosa women and they made it their own. Wearing shwe-shwe cloth has become a tradition within the Xhosa culture, worn by newly married women, to show their marriage status. Traditionally the fabric came in three colours, blue, red and brown, now one can find it in many other colours including orange, pink and green.
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Ways to wear Xhosa shweshwe dresses 2017

Every woman has a style, it could be chic, loud, classy, glamorous or cool, style is what makes a woman more memorable. Being stylish i must say is good business as some beautiful fashion lovers have made a living out of it. being stylish, inspire you and others to make your style game stronger and better every time, which is why most wedding guest always make a style statement with their aso ebi attires.
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