Easy Lob Haircuts Ideas for Summer 2018-2019

Are you thinking of changing your Lob Haircuts in time for summer?  There are so many styles that you can choose from, no wonder everyone needs a little hair inspiration.  Many people tend to wait until they see a hairstyle they like before they book their hair appointment.  We think the hairstyle of the year, (or should I say years) is a gorgeous hairstyle to choose.  It goes by the name lob.  Which is in other words, is a long bob.  You can style the lob however you like.  Wavy, curls, straight, up-do, half up half down style, sleek or messy.  Just because you have a long bob, doesn’t stop all the styling options you can have.  You still have the security of tying your hair back.

Lob Haircuts Ideas for Summer

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20 Makeup Professional Ideas for Summer Parties 2018

Summer is all about having fun and going to lots of parties.  Nobody wants to look the same for every party they attend; therefore, you will want to try out different makeup looks.  Summer is about experimenting with your makeup and feeling great in the sun.  Everyone knows that if our makeup looks great, we feel great too. Wearing makeup can often boost our confidence and puts us in a good mood. When we know we look good, we stand tall and proud.

When deciding what makeup to wear for a party, we tend to look for inspiration on social media to see what’s currently trending.  Not everyone can afford a makeup artist, so why not teach yourself how to apply makeup the professional way.  This will save you money and time.

We have come up with 20 makeup ideas for summer parties that you could do at home.

Makeup Ideas for Summer Parties

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Beautiful French Tip Nail Designs for Summer 2018

Every girl likes beautiful nails and nails are the first thing we notice about one another. Hence, the reason we need to look after them. We always remember the person who had the incredible nails and on the contrary, the worst nails we’ve ever seen. So make sure you’re nails are pampered and looking as fabulous as they can be.

It’s almost summer now and we can’t hide our nails inside our lovely cosy knitted gloves, so now is the time to show off your nails girls. Many people aren’t aware that in the “nail world” certain colours are trending more than others. It’s like fashion for nails. Having lovely manicured nails always looks good, as well as making you feel incredible. Neat and looked after nails, give people the extra boost and confidence they need on a daily basis. Bare nails can take a way to adjust too especially if you’re always having painted nails or false nails.

There are so many different ways of painting your nails. From nail art to false nails, there are nails for everyone. If you have lots of different shades and colours in your nail box, then great, you can grab your favourite colour of the month tonight and paint your nails. The best tips we can offer are before you apply your nails or nail polish, you should give your hands a quick massage to help with your blood circulation. Having good circulation will help with your nail development. When applying nail polish, it’s always best to apply thin coats, rather than a few thick coats. This way, it will dry quicker and it will last longer. Thick nail polish tends to chip faster and sometimes develops air bubbles.

We have come up with 21 cool French tip Nail Designs for you to try out. I can guarantee you’ll find a few in here that you’ll always go back to.

French Tip Nail Designs

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Amazing Coffin Nails for Spring and Summer 2018

coffin nails are as the title says, are to die for. Even from the 90’s up till today, these nail designs haven’t lost their exclusive touch.

To talk about the name, why such a spooky name for such a beautiful nail designs? The reason is that the shape reminds us for a coffin.

Coffin nails mainly work for long nails, but it can still be done on short nails as well. So, here we are showing you how extremely well it collaborates with both short and longs nails.

Coffin Nails

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Great Idea for Summer Balayage Hair Ideas

What is it you’re looking for from your next Balayage Hair Ideas ? Are you looking for something a little different? Something that’ll spice things up a bit to show your joyous mood that the sun is finally here? There’s a definite winning hairstyle if that’s the case, plus there are a hundred and one different reasons why the look is such a good idea. In case you were wondering, the style in question is Balayage Hair Ideas.

Summer Balayage Hair Ideas

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16 Must-See Nail Art Designs ideas for Summer

How do you like to wear your nail polish? nail art designs for short nails are no longer just a polish change in a salon; easy nail art designs for short nails are a rising trend and It’s all about expressing yourself with your ten little finger nails. If you are looking for something really cute, simple salon ideas that you can really apply at home, here on Easy nail Art Designs Blog we are going to be revealing some hot nail art trends and how to design your natural nails to look fabulous.

Nail Art Designs ideas

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22 Must Have Nail Design Ideas for Summer

Nail art is a stylish way to wear the seasons latest colors and prints. You can wear the hottest shades without having to splash out on a whole new outfit. The season has now changed from summer to fall, so it is time to start thinking about your autumnal look. To get you inspired we have found 21 stylish fall nail design ideas. Each one of these ideas uses the seasons trendiest colors and patterns. Take a look to find your favourite.

Nail Design Ideas

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22 Nail Design Ideas Stylish for Summer

Summer is almost here! The season will soon be changing and so will the fashion. It is not just your outfits that you should think about but your nails too. Nails can be a stylish way to add the seasons colors and prints to your look. To give you some inspiration we have found 22 Nail Design Ideas Stylish for Summer. There is something for everyone from Nail Design Ideas masters to beginners. Take a look to find your favourite.

Nail Design Ideas

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