Shweshwe top styles traditional dress for 2018+2019

shweshwe dresses apparel designs 2018+2019… south african acceptable bells dresses 2018 When you look good, you feel good!!Hit Like and comment about this shweshwe skirt.African Sotho Shweshwe Dresses atramentous clothes artificial of acclimatized Izishweshwe fabrics african abett orshweshwe modern traditional dress with a once shoulder design, belt effect and a peplum. With little girls matching shweshwe halter neck dress.

Shweshwe top styles traditional dress

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Ankara Fashion Tops Styles For Trendy Ladies

Fantastic Stunning Ankara Fashion of all .Hello ladies,  here are  creative ankara fashion styles that you will love to wore to next owanbe party. we have great selected ankara styles collection that are designed by creative fashion designers in nigeria,

These lovely styles include skirt and blouse ankara, long and short gown , jumpsuit… all this will Get you  in party mood  with any of these styles, all you the best.

Fashion Tops Styles

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Beautiful and Stylish Ankara Gown Styles

Hi dearies. Now you can rock Ankara gown styles in nigeria as you desire and you will surely look the best in your hood. In case you have left over ankara fabrics that you think will be useless, then you can send them to your fashion designers to cave into amazing mix match ankara gown styles. Below are latest Ankara Gown Styles you’ll definitely fall in love with, you’ll get the latest sweetheart Ankara Gown Styles for any occasion, as you know different styles for different events. So step up your game with these beautiful and stylish Ankara Gown Styles.

Stylish Ankara Gown Styles

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Stunning Ankara Styles for Hot and Classy Couples

You definitely can’t escape the cuteness overload that comes with matching outfits with your partner.

So whether you’re going for an event, or it’s probably your pre-wedding photo shoot or y’all just wanna be funky, we’ve coupled a handful of Ankara styles you and yours can chose from so you can slay together.

Take your time, no rush… you just might be visiting your fashion designer to make you any one of these soon…

Ankara Styles

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Latest styles traditional dresses (African hand make dress)

Latest styles traditional dresses (African hand make dress). here are hundreds of fashion weeks on the continent, the problem is they are mostly driven by entertainment or other effects. What we have done to separate ourselves from everybody else is to focus on the clothes. We have only the best designers that get curated and the whole process to curate

traditional dresses

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Top 10 Ghana Braids Styles for Women 2018

Ghana Braids Styles are a protective style that involves cornrow-like braids going straight from the front to the back of your head. The main purpose is to protect your hair from damage and help it grow out. They are also known as Banana braids, Cherokee braids, and straightbacks.

Though Ghana Braids Styles follow the same concept of braiding as cornrows, one fundamental difference between the two is that Ghana braids require you to add extensions into your braids to make them thicker.

The origin of Ghana Braids Styles can be traced back to 500 BC through African hieroglyphs and sculptures that depict braids done on people’s hair. Though initially Ghana braids were done up in a straightback style that depicted religious or social status, slaves started sporting curvy and zigzag patterns as a form of protest against their masters who wanted them to relax their hair. Thus, they were forced to shave their head off when they were sold.

Ghana Braids Styles

Ghana Braids Styles

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