Myanmar traditional outfit in any occasions

Traditional apparel of Myanmar abide of two sets, one for men and one for Burmese women. The acceptable apparel of the men is alleged Longchy (a bed-making pants and bound pants) accumulated altogether with the shirt or anorak alleged Taipon (traditional clothes). The “dresses” for men are altered in size, acceptable any shapes of the body. There is one absorbing affair is that men’s dress was strapless and angry with a simple operation; therefore, they generally accept to acclimatize the brim back they move frequently. Longchy has no pockets, so if they demand to backpack cash, adaptable buzz or added claimed items, they accept to put it alfresco and about skirt.

Burmese women’s acceptable clothes are Thummy. Thummy is agnate to Laos or Thailand’s dress. Both Burmese women and men abrasion flip-flops. Besides the acceptable costume, Myanmar bodies abrasion European clothes in abounding occasions and back they abrasion suits, they abrasion shoes.

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Best Myanmar Dress Fashion 2017 Trends

Our fashion blog is a website that you can learn about khmer dress and clothes that are popular and made in cambodia. With on point ruched feature to the sides and plunging neckline this beaut will give you a standout silhouette. Studying fashion and dress history at brighton will develop your understanding of its changing significance.
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