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Senegalese kaftan traditional men’s wear

Senegalese kaftan, additionally accepted as boubou or bubu, is a allotment of acceptable men’s wear. It is accepted all over Western Africa, accompanying with analogous pants it is accepted as a kaftan suit, which is beat as a academic attire.

Of course, there are added types of kaftans, that are created for accustomed use, like short-sleeved dashiki. Kaftans are usually beat on top of a bodice and can be accompanying with pants, shorts or jeans. The appearance is completed with a fez or an adorned affection hat.

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the latest mens fashion and style in nigeria

In my aftermost column I talked about the Agbada fashion, this anniversary its still all about mens fashion. I absolutely didn’t acknowledge men spotting bathrobe as abundant as back I heard the accent from two up advancing nigeria designers who’s aim is to accomplish the bathrobe article nigerian men would be appreciative to abrasion to business affair and to their assignment place. All of this came to me back I saw a contempo documentary about active in dubai, In this doc alternation a woman alien her bedmate to the apple and he was in the acclaimed thobe and what he said reminded me of what those two accessible macho designers are aggravating to achieve, he said “Hello Oprah this is the thobe its serves all pupose, I abrasion it for functions, business affairs and aloof about everywhere”.
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African men’s clothing for Modern Styles

African attire for men gives you that uniquely stylish flair to your fashion sense that makes you stand out. If you consider yourself a fashion enthusiast then you have to get these African men’s clothing styles. You will not only end up looking dapper, but ladies will love your fresh style appeal. Below are some of these styles:
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