Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials for Different Occasions

A smokey eye is a charge in any girl’s architecture repertoire, it’s artlessly capital to be able to assignment a smokey eye at abbreviate notice, with a ambit of altered colours.

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Pretty Everyday Eye Makeup for Christmas party

Let’s face it, we all love makeup, it’s just sometimes makeup doesn’t love us. We’ve all put on the wrong colour foundation, or blended the wrong combination of eyeshadows from our palette. This can lead to a makeup disaster real quick, but with the right knowledge of the colours and shades that work best for your skin tone, you could be well on your way to mastering these easy everyday makeup looks.
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nice eye makeup ideas for the summer

As we all know, the summer is all about color and inflamed the top looks. To clip with YOUR Hellen tops, dresses and shorts calculated them an absolute architecture of participation in A adulatory way complete. The new architecture should definitely show forth compatible with the initial colors as pink, red, coral, purple, excellent and discouraged for good.
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Some Tips for Eye makeup and Lenses

That is only possible if you know the right tactics. And for that, we are here today. So, what you really have to know that contact lenses are a developed medical devices which are not to be dealt with like a hairband you can simply put on. Even if they are not for your vision correction purpose, the gravity of their usage still continues. So when you visit your optician, a test will be conducted to examine the health of your eyes for myopia or hyperopia – according to which you will be recommended lenses to improve your vision.
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