Zulu South african Traditiona cultural dress

South african cultural dress – this appearance in all adorned is an complete analgesic bank to black look. Read our adviser to south africas acceptable dress which spans abounding cultures and indigenous groups. Acceptable south african accouterment varies amid altered tribes. Acceptable south african dress consisted of ablaze clothing, beastly banknote and beads.

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Traditional south african cultural fashion wedding

The Traditional Wedding happened in McClear, about 300km from East London, what a scenic part of South Africa this is! One thing with African Weddings is that they are big, with lots of family and friends attending.  No venue in McClear was big enough, so a massive marquee tent had to be erected on the sports field of the McClear Country Club.  The day was characterised by lots of singing, chanting, traditional dancing, a church choir performing and the exchange of gifts – a day that really brought together two families in every sense.

Interesting fact – In a house where there is a wedding taking place, a white flag is raised outside in order to make people aware of the big celebration happening.

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