Burmese wears traditional costumes of Myanmar

Traditional costumes of Myanmar consist of two sets, one for men and one for Burmese women. The traditional costume of the men is called Longchy (sewing pants and tight pants) combined perfectly with the shirt or jacket called Taipon (traditional clothes). The “dresses” for men are different in size, suitable any shapes of the body. There is one interesting thing is that men’s dress was strapless and tied with a simple operation; therefore, they often have to adjust the skirt when they move frequently. Longchy has no pockets, so if they want to carry cash, mobile phone or other personal items, they have to put it outside and around the skirt.

Myanmar dress ❤

Burmese women’s traditional clothes are Thummy. Thummy is similar to Laos or Thailand’s dress. Both Burmese women and men wear flip-flops. Besides the traditional costume, Myanmar people wear European clothes in many occasions and when they wear suits, they wear shoes.

wears traditional costumes

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104+ Myanmar Burmese traditional Lace Dresses

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Myanmar Burmese traditional Lace Dresses

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Burmese women’s traditional clothes Dress

Each country, anniversary nation owns a acceptable accouterments which expresses its own culture, habits and lifestyle. While the acceptable accouterment of Vietnam is Ao Dai (long dress), of Thailand is Phasin, of The Philippines is Baro’tSaya…., the acceptable accouterment of Myanmar is Longchy- taipon. The acceptable apparel of the Myanmar appearance a lot of cultural and claimed ancestry of this country, which is unique, altered and sets a actual able consequence in the hearts of the tourists visiting Myanmar.

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