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Simple and elegant tattoo artist from Moscow

Sasha Kiseleve is an acutely able boom artisan from Moscow. She opened a comfortable boom flat with her bedmate and back then, two of them are alive ancillary by ancillary with some added artists. Sasha is a adherent artist. She earns money…

Handmade brilliant tattoo artist for women

As Leonardo da Vinci already abundantly said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” And this ablaze boom artisan from algid area of Sweden. Pokeeeeeeoh works in her Malmo based flat area she altogether executes her hand-poked address…

Artist beauty sensual lips owner

Not only smart-looking or the celebrity sing also excellent a beautiful face. A member of the body of the most interesting of the seven celebrities are both beautifully have sexy lips. Here are 10 celebrities with the sexiest lips title.