35 Ideas Of Short Red Hair Ideas for Women

Short red hair has been perceived to be too bright and many women were discouraged to have red hairstyles. In some part of the world, women with red hair were perceived to be witches and people could not look into their eyes directly. However, the world of fashion has changed and today red hair is one of the most trending and inspirational. Modern women are coloring their hair in different red color shades and trimming it short to look fashionable and fancy. This article highlights some of the timeless short red hair shades and styles that a modern woman can choose from and come out rocking.

Short Red Hair Ideas

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35 Striped Nail Art Tutorial Ideas for Summer

It’s the end of 2018, and striped nail art ideas are still in. They’re just too classy and simple to ever abandon.There are so many nail designs with striping tape to make the process of painting stripes on short nails easier. But there’s more than thick, block stripes you can do any any size and shape nail whether it’s short or long nails or square rectangle, stiletto, coffin, ballerina, oval, whatever! There are so many tutorials on how to make stripes on nails without tape too! I saw one on Pinterest. There was one you used a beauty makeup brush to get non perfect scratchy stripes.

These is a stripe nail art tutorial for everything! First, every holiday like Christmas or Valentines. Besides adding like cute designs of poseda flowers or hearts, you can simply just change the color of basic stripe designs to have it fit the occasion. Or even change the texture like have a solid matte base and make the stripes normal glossy polish. These are so easy to apply for kids and teens with smaller nails too. They’ll love a little Mickey Mouse outline for Halloween or a Disney trip. For a more mature look for older women, do a french nail and incorporate a type of stripe somehow, maybe the ring finger or fill it up with gel polish on your acrylic nails.

Striped Nail Art Tutorial Ideas for Summer

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35+ Best Africa Styles Sotho Shweshwe Dresses

35+ Best Africa Styles . Africa Styles Sotho Shweshwe Dresses popular a few years back, many people couldn’t help but join the african train. Now, we’ve got lots of people sharing photos of their styles on Instagram and Pinterest. This post will show you the latest styles.Here’s a collection of the best fashion styles for this month. You can thank me later. Make sure you’ve got your tailor on speed dial. Check these amazing styles out.

Africa Styles Sotho Shweshwe Dresses

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