Pretty Medium Box Braids to Try in 2018

Cute Medium Box Braids;

Want to change your hair but don’t know what style to choose? If so, you are in the right place. We have found stylish medium box braids looks. We have something for everyone, including beautiful color ideas, chic medium braids and ideas on how to style them. Take a look, you will be spoilt for choice!

Medium Box Braids

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Best Xhosa Traditional Wear Come and See

Xhosa Traditional Wear Come And See

Xhosa fashion, , west african kaftan, African wear, fashion dresses,, wear for women, .IsiShweshwe. hosa subgroup, the coloration of the textiles varies a great deal. This skirt features five rows of black appliquéd strips that follow the curve of the hem and are bordered by rows of delicate white and dark blue beads and narrow black appliqué strips. Between the rows are delicate, beaded appliqué designs alternating with buttons. The skirt can be worn with a beaded belt attached to which are two beaded tassels that extend to the ground.

Xhosa Traditional Wear

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How to create leopard nail art Tutorial

Leopard Nail Art Ideas And Tutorial

Leopard prints are all the rage and is just not restricted to clothes but also to shoes, shades, scarves, clutches and #nailart. Usually leopard prints are well suited for portraying bold. But when it comes to leopard nail art, there is much more to it. With leopard nail art you can DIY strikingly cool and funky nail art designs like a pro without needing any specific tools. You can create awesome designs that basically depends on certain things like shape of your nails, the colors you opt and most importantly the design. Here, you’ ll find all of it with different shades ranging from dark to bright to neon hues. With so many color options, combinations and patterns, you can create leopard nail art design that perfectly exhibits your style.

leopard nail art Tutorial

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Vibrant and Different Thanksgiving nail art ideas

Pretty Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs

Thanksgiving is about celebrating, having good time and making beautiful memories. Well, amidst all these, you also need to be well prepared whether you are throwing a thanksgiving party or going to be a part of it. And with all the prep going around you may not be attentive to yourself. So, here we are to save you some time with all pretty thanksgiving nail art designs at one place. You’ ll love to adorn your nails with these vibrant and different designs for thanksgiving.

Different Thanksgiving nail art

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Dazzling Glitter Nail Art Ideas for 2018+2019

Glitter Nail Art Ideas

Currently, nail art is something women are obsessed with. And why not? It is not only fun with the art but gives a beautiful and finishing look to your nails. It is definitely a must-do before any special occasion or parties. After all, glitter nail art is the right choice to add an extra edge to your party look. Moreover, it is easy and gives glamorous touch to your nails at the same time.

Glitter Nail Art Ideas

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10 Best Nail Art Designs For Summer

Nautical Nail Art

Girls love their nails and so does to go with the season. Nautical Nail art is a hot summer fad. The water, sea, sun and boats are no doubt synonymous with summer. So, it makes a perfect sense to also sport this in your nail art. Designs with anchor, ropes and stripes are quite the go-to pattern. Flaunt a differently-colored anchor on each nail or navy stripes, sailboats, ship steering wheels or even starfish and Polka dots in blue and white- it makes for some fun nautical love. So, here are some ideas to bring this summer love in your nails!

Nail Art Designs

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