Popular Colorful French Manicure Ideas ( 16 tips )

French Manicure Ideas You Need To See

French manicure is a timeless classic that can never really go out of style. It can look good with all of your outfits which is great for not having to change your nail design each time you change the color of your outfit. The most popular shades for a French manicure are nude, cream, pink and beige and of course white which is used for the tips. But although these are considered as the classic shades for a French manicure, you can also choose to do your nails with other colors. Today, we are bringing to you a collection of 15 Eye-Catching French Manicure Ideas that can be your inspiration to try some colorful French tips.

Colorful French Manicure Ideas

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Cute Polka Nail Designs you must have

Polka Nail Designs Tumblr : Top 20 Trends 2018-2019:

Beautiful and decorated nails catch attention instantly and who will not love it! It says a lot about your style and mood. Sometimes funky other times elegant and classy. Well, whatever your mood is we have curated all different types of polka dots design to go with it. Since polka dots nail art designs are easy to do, anyone can create cool and unique designs without spending hours in salon every time. So, here are cute, quirky, and incredibly unique polka dots nail art ideas for your inspiration!

Polka Nail Designs

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32 Best Ideas for Short Nail Designs – In Pictures

Short Nail Designs – Review

Need some nail design inspiration for your short nails? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Chic and fun nail designs aren’t just reserved for long nails, we guarantee it!

We’ve searched the Instagram in order to find the best nail designs for everyone’s taste. For the most looks you don’t need any skills, just steady hand.

To be on trend, take a look at our list of 80 most gorgeous nail designs created by talented nail artists.

Short Nail Designs

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Gorgeous and Cute Stiletto Nail Designs

New Stiletto Nail Designs

The stiletto nail is a kind of design that makes your nail sharper in the front end. This is the most conservative nail design due to its likeness to the almond design. Stiletto makes your personality sharp with its unique dimensional design. You can design your stiletto by using unusual colors and accessories. You can use calligraphy art or rhinestones or floral design.

Cute Stiletto Nail Designs

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Tsholo Dikobe .:. : : The latest fashion artist in Botswana

Botswana’s fashion artist Tsholo Dikobe

There are so many amazing fashion and style bloggers out there. One of them is Tsholo Dikobe in Botswana and I feel honored that she reached out to me regarding a feature. I am in love with her creative and distinct style and look here, she managed to get a pic with Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek.

But I am going to shut-up now and let her introduce herself: “I am a creative and fashion forward 26 year old fashion artist from Botswana. Growing up, when words failed me, I spoke fluent volumes through my clothes. The sciences of appearances – outward appearances to inner well-being – have always been my personal legend. Through this medium of communication, I developed a keen interest in how easily society can be influenced over a substantial period. The way in which an ensemble of words or a single item of clothing can instantaneously persuade the masses never fails to intrigue me. For this reason, I fell in love with fashion and culture, the fashion creative arts and its industry as a whole.”

Botswana’s fashion artist Tsholo Dikobe

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