Cute Styles for Inverted Bobs in 2020

Inverted bobs are all the craze immediately , but how are you able to take your polished look to an all-new, sassy level? If you’re able to shake things up a touch and add some attitude to your style, consider one among these sassy styles for stacked bobs.

You will need a large-barreled curling iron to recreate this ‘do, and if you don’t have one already we highly recommend adding one to your styling collection. These flirty loose curls have heaps of volume, and hairsprayed in place they’re able to bounce with every step.

Her lovey stacked Bob starts at jaw level and gently angles upward in the back. Leaving this Bob straight may showcase those long layers eloquently, but back combing the crown and adding some tousled loose waves gives this look an edgy, sassy makeover.

Take the typical stacked bob haircut to the next level with some contrasting lengths! She shaves the back down super-short while the front is left extra-long. The end result? A contrast that KILLS!

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