Best Collection of Sexy Nail Designs 2019

Any party or informal event requires the best look to impress everyone there. And in most cases, this look should be not only beautiful but also sexy. Of course, your outfit can express your sexuality, but it won’t be enough without a manicure as it always makes your look complete. So, what are the best ideas about sexy nail art designs?

Sexy Nail Designs
Sexy Nail Designs

Talking about woman’s desire to look sexy, the point is to use the most passionate colors and hues. The most popular combination is red and black, of course, as it expresses all the gamut of feelings. The red color itself will never go out of style, the same as pink. Blue, purple and gray are rarer but still quite popular especially in mixture with other colors. Don’t forget about gold and silver, as the sexy look is the loud look. Want something more? Then take rhinestones, 3D decorations and decals into account.

What is the best length for a sexy manicure? The answer is simple – long pointy nails, stilettos and long coffin nails. But don’t worry if your nails are short, you can also decorate them with some eye-catching designs!

And the last point is to go for some really sexy patterns as decorations. Animal prints, like the leopard one or 3D snakeskin, would be great. Also remember about laces, negative space and fishnets on your nails.

Combine the colors, add decorations and jewelry, play with patterns and remember – you will rock if you choose one of these sexy manicures!
Long stiletto nails look super sexy with the combination of negative space technique and matte pink color. Rhinestones festive the nails and make them look really luxurious!

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