20+ Movember Nail Designs & Ideas 2019

Movember is a blend from mustache and November and it’s an anniversary accident which tries to accession acquaintance of prostate blight and added macho blight and associated charities. So, all men who would adulation to abutment this accident should abound their mustache. And what about women? They for abiding cannot abound mustache, but they can additionally abutment this event, by accepting some Movember inspired nail design.

Cool Movember Nail Designs
Movember Nail Designs

This type of nail design is so easy to be done. Add a base color of your choice and then paint some mustache on one of your nails or maybe on every nail. Or if you think that you can’t draw the perfect mustache on your nails, then you can simply get some mustache stickers and apply them. Check out the following cool Movember nail designs that we have chosen for you and find an inspiration for your nail design for the upcoming month. Enjoy!

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