Top 24 Acrylic Nail Ideas and Designs for 2019

After fading out of fashion and then making a major comeback, acrylic nails are more popular than ever. The popularity of acrylic nails is understandable. They let you keep your nails looking gorgeous, healthy, and strong with a salon appointment every two weeks. Plus, your manicure stays perfect without chipping or peeling for two weeks or more in between salon visits. Because they allow you to keep your nails at whatever shape and length you want, acrylic nails are especially  tempting for women whose nails tend to break or peel when they try to grow them out.

Beautiful Acrylic Nail Designs
Acrylic Nail Ideas

Despite all the benefits of acrylic nails, these fake manicures can also be incredibly hard to deal with. Depending on how long they are and what shape they’re in, acrylic nails can really get in your way. These nails can make even the most mundane everyday tasks–think typing or fastening a necklace–into a long and frustrating ordeal. Believe it or not, dealing with acrylic nails doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. There are many ways to take the frustration out of living with acrylics, or at least help yourself keep functioning somewhat normally.

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