20 Easy & Cute Glitter Nail Designs Ideas, Trends

The New Year’s Eve is all about glitter and sparkles. There are many lights and sparkles used for decoration, we choose to wear some glitter dresses or maybe add some glitter to our looks with the suitable makeup or nail designs. So, today we have made a photo collection of several glitter nail designs that you can try to do for the New Year’s Eve.

Glitter Nail Designs For The New Year’s Eve
Cute Glitter Nail Designs

These nail designs are versatile, because of the many colors that you can use. You can choose to have an all glitter nail design, or maybe even combined with some other nail polish. The glitter nail designs can really spice up your looks. However, it can be quite tricky to remove the glitter nail polish. The easiest way for removing the glitter nail polish is by soaking a cotton ball with a nail polish remover. After that put it on your nail and wrap it with aluminium foil. Do this for every nail and press down the foil. Wait for just 5 minutes and afterwards remove the foil. Your nails will be free from glitter. And now take a look at the following photos and choose which glitter nail design you will try for the upcoming holidays. Enjoy!

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