20+ American Nail Designs and Ideas 2019

When creating a new nail design, there are many other tools that you can consider, besides the nail polishes. One such tool is the striping tape that can help you create various nail designs. So, today we decided to search around the web to find some examples for you of how to do your nails with a striping tape. We have come up with a photo collection of 20 Interesting Nail Designs With Striping Tape which may be your inspiration for you next nail design.

20 Interesting Nail Designs With Striping Tape
American Nail Designs

Creating a nail design with a striping tape can be really easy and fun. It all depends on how you want to do it, whether vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes, or maybe a combination of these. Choose between the hundred colors of nail polishes and make some super cool nail design with a striping tape. And now, scroll down to find our ideas and choose which one you will copy first. Enjoy!

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