The Perfect Two-tone Hair Ideas for Girls

The appearance stakes are in, and it would assume that this summer is all about accepting two-toned hair. We can see why two tones are all the acerbity appropriate now, afterwards all, why achieve for one adumbration back you can bedrock two? There is no curtailment of appearance account back it comes to this look. As able-bodied as accepting all the colors of the bubble at your auctioning to mix and bout with, you can additionally baddest from assorted looks including balayage, ombre, dip dye, highlights and beach art, the account goes on and on. With so many colors and design ideas out there, it can seem quite difficult knowing where to get started. Here are 20 of the prettiest two tone hairstyles around, keep on reading to see if you can find one that suits you.

Two-tone Hair Ideas

Two-tone Hair Ideas

Looking for a low maintenance way to spruce up your icy blonde bob this summer? Add some streaks of your favorite bold hue – as you can see here, fuchsia pink goes particularly well with blonde. Only coloring the front of your fringe not only makes your look stand out, it is also incredibly easy to keep on top of.

Can’t decide whether you look better with light or dark hair? If you’re lucky enough to have a face and complexion which looks great with both, you don’t have to decide. Get inspired by Cruella De Vil and go for this incredibly eye-catching half and half style.

These days, fashion trends are getting more and more outlandish, and it can seem impossible to truly stand out like nobody else. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile there is always a way to look completely unique like this double toned hairstyle which consists of neon purple and green.