24 Best Pastel Hair Colors for Women

Pastel colored hair: is it still fashionable? The answer is yes! Pastel tones are the hottest new trend. They make a comeback together with new coloring techniques that allow to create a new color as safe as possible for hair.

For sure, this is the easiest way to change up your image! There are a bunch of beautiful colors to try and many combinations that look amazing together. All of them are feminine, stylish, beautiful, and tender.

Pastel Hair Colors
Pastel Hair Colors

Lilac and gray pastel ombre hair is a great option! If you want to dye your hair in the pastel color, try this combined option.

Pastel grey and silver colors look great! Moreover, such tones allow you to emphasize the lips and feel free to use bright lipstick.

Pastel highlights are a perfect choice for girls with blonde hair. A smooth transition from one shade to another leaves a wider field of fancy.

The Best Ideas of Pastel Hair Colors And Pastel Highlights
In fact, what are pastel colors? Well, these are dull, soft tones of bright colors. Silver, lavender, mint, peach or a combination of dark and light pastel colors at once – the choice is yours.

The best thing about a new trend is the ability to personalize it to your liking. For example, if you do not want to completely change your hair color, you can add pastel color highlights. There are a lot of cool pastel hair color ideas below!

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