35 Different Nail Art Designs and Ideas

Aren’t you totally bored of that single nail color on your hands and toes? We know you are! You thought we didn’t know what’s going on in your head? We know everything! But seriously this shouldn’t be a cause of concern at all. This is such a petty issue and we are there to help you in this! What we have here for you are cute nail art designs.

Different Nail Art Designs
Different Nail Art Designs

Life is not meant to be lived the same everyday! Keep trying different things each day. When you have so many things to flaunt, then why you should not! When you change your clothes everyday then why not your nail color. You must color your nails twice or thrice a week at least. Nobody is going to tell you all this except us because we care! You have all right to do whatever you want to.

One of the easiest and the cutest designs are the dotted nail art design. Apply the base coat and then a color of your choice, let it dry and then dot it with a toothpick with different colors. This is seriously the easiest one. Trying this one is a must!

Try something glittery. Enough of those plain colors. You are not meant for that only. Let the glitter on your nails speak for the glitter you have in you. And trust us it doesn’t look goody at all rather it looks super pretty and elegant.

Just apply a base color and decorate your nails with some cute pearls or accessories. It is a really good ides especially for a week of functions lined up.

This is such a cute damn idea! Apply a light and dull base color and light it up by drawing moustache over it, in different designs.

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