Top styles with Ankara high waist trousers

Top styles with Ankara high waist trousers We have gathered for you the best designs of Ankara high waist trousers. Nigerian ladies have an active lifestyle. It’s no wonder that apart from the feminine skirts and dresses they should have several models of trendy pants. Ankara high waist trousers allow creating convenient and unordinary images for every day.

Ankara high waist trousers
Ankara high waist trousers

The understated waist and even standard height of the female trousers go back to the past, making room for the high waist pants. Designers focus attention on the woman’s slender waist and smooth bending of the hips. So the legs visually seem longer, the figure becomes more proportional, and the silhouette is taut.

Trendy Ankara high waist trousers are as feminine and practical as possible in this season. Fashion gurus decided to avoid stunning experiments in 2018. The wide models are still in trend. Besides, culottes are popular with many fashionistas. Gradually flared trousers and breeches come into vogue. Moreover, trousers with various floral motifs and reptile prints are in fashion too.

Despite the variety of strict skirts’ designs, the basis of the woman’s office wardrobe is the trousers with the classic tailoring. Thanks to the latest trends classic pants began to play with new colors. Now they are slightly shorter. Their length is slightly higher than the ankles. Due to the original methods of cutting, they began to look much more interesting.

Undoubted hits of 2018 are wide trousers-pipe of maxi length and voluminous culottes. They are the most stylish versions of Ankara high waist trousers. Wide trousers-pipe should be very long and close the footwear.

the hot weather, you will not lose, if you pick up flared culottes. It’s an ideal decision for the image in casual style. Some models are made with cuffs as they stay relevant this season too.

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