Step by Step Hair Tutorial – Hair Wrap Tutorials

Step by Step Updo Tutorials for Beginners

One of the most fantastic things about being a girl – or a boy for that matter – is that you can completely change up your look by adjusting your hairstyle. We often get so comfortable with our classic hair looks that we forget to experiment and push the boat out – when really, opting for something a little different can totally transform our looks in an instant, and for the better too! We’ve gathered some of our absolute favorite hair tutorials, each of which is super easy to follow, ready for you in one handy post. Dare to be different; trust us, it’ll pay off!

Start by adding a very slight curl throughout your hair, and then loosely add two boho braids to the front section of the hair. At the back of the head, create a ponytail in the centre, then bring wrap the braids around the head to cover the hair tie and pin in place for this amazing half up half down effect.

Which of these stunning wrap hairstyles do you prefer? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know which of these gorgeous styles you’ll be trying for yourself!

Start recreating this stunning look by working big barrel curls thorughout your hair from top to bottom. Scoop the back section of your hair into a high ponytail, then with the front sections of hair, drag them diagonally across the forehead to conceal the hairtie and pin it on either side for this immaculate finish.