How to Wear a Outfit Flannel or Plaid Shirt

Outfit With Flannel or Plaid Shirt;

The flannel shirt is probably the most loved (by both men and women) layering piece of clothes that can be easily transformed for any time of the year and occasion.

Outfit Flannel or Plaid Shirt
Outfit Flannel or Plaid Shirt

How to Wear a Flannel
Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to wear a flannel, depending on your sex, skin tone, occasion, style, etc.

Flannels can be worn in a lot of ways, so you just need to choose the variant that suits you the best. The possible ways to wear flannel are:

with no undershirt showing, untucked and rolled to mid-forearm or long sleeves;
buttoned up, but left the top two buttons undone, with the sleeves rolled up to around the elbow;
either as a single layer or layered (for example, over a tank and buttoned up, or with a white v neck underneath, unbuttoned and sleeves folded or buttoned up, leaving the top 2 unbuttoned and with a jacket over it);
with jeans and boots under some workwear/ military jacket;
untucked, with a pair of nice dark denim jeans;
unbuttoned, with a V-neck or scoop neck shirt;
wrapped around the waist;
avoid wearing overalls with the flannel shirt.

Outfits with Flannels Ideas

What to Wear With Plaid Shirts
If we talk about what to wear with flannels for women then successful combinations are:

flannels with a graphic tee;
flannels plus leather jacket;
flannels shirt plus rain trench;
flannels with a pop of all black outfits;
flannels plus midi skirt;
flannels shirt with a sweater;
flannels plus a maxi skirt.

As for men, then perfect ensembles are:

flannels with a T-shirt (especially with a white one);
flannels with chinos;
flannels with skinny jeans;
flannels with classic suits;
flannels with vests;
flannels with a pair of shorts.

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