Cute White Jeans Outfits of any men or woman

White Jeans Outfits;

The jeans are apparently the best versatile piece of clothing in the daily wardrobe of any man or woman, which can calmly get you through any event or time of the year.

White Jeans Outfits
White Jeans Outfits

It is generally accepted that wearing white jeans can be tricky: they are not flattering at times and you always have to watch where you’re sitting. But we’ll try to convince you otherwise. Everything depends on how you wear it!

The thing is that white color is not as versatile as others! When choosing the tops, take a note of your skin tone and colors that suit you the best, for instance:

for a fair/pale skin – choose darker colors, which contrast with your skin tone, like gray, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue, peach, turquoise, brown, khaki, neon;
for a darker skin or olive skin – opt for shades that are either a little brighter or darker than the middle ground, like tan, light blue, light gray, mint green, pastel pink, crème, beige.

Also try to avoid black tops and underwear, because although in theory, it sounds fine, the contrast is too sharp and that combo can cut your height. As for white on white, it’s a great variant for those who have a pretty dark olive skin tone.

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