Cute burgundy jeans for men and women

Burgundy Jeans Outfits

The jeans are apparently the best able allotment of clothes in the circadian apparel of any man or woman, which can calmly get you through any accident or time of the year.

Burgundy jeans are appealing abundant as adjustable as biscuit or olive. But back the bittersweet is a appealing acute color, you should booty affliction with the colors you accept for the supplement items – tops, footwear, outerwear, accessories, etc.

burgundy jeans
burgundy jeans

The short story of possible matches:

Calming neutrals (Grays, light blues, navy, white, etc.);
muted solids (faded blue or green);
complementary colors (light buff green or blue);
a fresh pattern (like a Breton stripe);
solid black or white are also allowed, but be careful: solid black washes out many complexions and solid white sometimes make people look pale and sick.

But if you have dark olive skin tone or a good tan, you can more easily pull off a solid white.

Also, you should notice, that the black is a very intense combination with burgundy — something you’d choose for evening wear at a club or a cocktail party in the colder months. And a solid white makes the outfit more appropriate for warmer weather.

What to Wear with Burgundy Jeans
So what to wear with burgundy jeans for women?

Depending on occasion (casual, smart casual, dressy, etc.) and season (winter, autumn, spring, summer) it can be:

crop tops (cream, navy blue);
T-shirts (gray, white, dark gray, a light pink, peach, tan, black, etc.);
shirts (like blue OCBD, dark denim shirt, navy OCBD, blue shirt, black shirt, white shirt with light floral pattern to it, light blue chambray shirt, cream shirt, gray Club Room polo type shirt, white collared shirt, a sheer, flannel shirts in rich colors, long sleeve shirt, dress shirt, etc.);

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