30 Inspiring Chalkboard Ideas Decoration

Creative Chalkboard Ideas;

Chalkboard products come in form of spray, paint, contact paper and both vinyl and cloth vinyl. Those products allow us to easily manipulate with our home interior and transform our walls and furniture and anything we can think of into fun surfaces for anybody to write and draw on. Turn your kids’ room into a playful artistic haven. The place where walls change every day, a place where kids learn, have fun and express themselves. You can adorn any room in your home with witty or inspirational quotes that will lift your spirits up every time, or you can use chalkboards practically as schedule charts or as thinking boards for new creative ideas and processes. From the simplest quotes to the jaw-dropping drawings. The sky is the limit.

Chalkboard Ideas

I had hoped to get this post up sooner, but life happens sometimes, you know. Last night, instead of writing this post, I was on the phone with an online retailer because someone hacked into my account and was buying Playstation gift cards with my paypal account!!

YIKES. Nothing like being up at midnight and getting an e-mail thanking you for your playstation order.

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