Beautiful and perfect square nail designs

Square Nail Designs

There are about no banned to the designs that you can do with your nails; nail designing has acquired so abundant that aloof painting and decorating your nails is not enough. Among some unique nail designs breaking the boundaries nail arts and design is the aboveboard square shape nail design. The design is breathtakingly admirable and a absolute fit for any feel shape.

square nail designs

Here we have handpicked very beautiful 25 Square Nail Designs that will make you feel inspired. If you are a nail freak, the square shape design is the easiest to learn and do without any hassle, and it is a more natural form of nail design unlike other designs on the market. If your nails are long, cut them to the length you want before shaping them with a nail file. However, if you are fixing your nail; choose the right sizes, then cut to size before filing them into a square shape.

To get a perfect square tip, place your palm on a flat surface and sharpen the nail in a straight way until you have attained a smooth line. Don’t forget to shape the edges by gently using the file to go over the nail to get a square shape. Repeat the same process for all five fingers. Clean the nail surface to remove any debris from filing the nails. Use a nail polish and cotton wool to clean the nails.

This process removes all the debris and ensures the nail surface is without bumps that will spoil your paint coat. In order to design your square shaped nails we offer you try some colors like white and blue matte color, glitters, nude and light pink colors, and many more. Simply decide which nail design is suitable for you and you are good to go.

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