30 Fabulous Pink Nail Designs To Try

30 Cute Pink Nail Designs

While light pink, hot pink and approved pink nail designs are best accepted during the summer, they are additionally acceptable added and added accepted throughout the year. Light pink nail designs are actual chichi and the designs are commonly added floral and dainty. Hot pink nail designs are commonly bolder and added daring. Pink nail designs can accept either adventurous or chichi designs.

Pink Nail Designs

Some designs to think about with hot pink nails are the following:

Hot pink polish with black leopard print design- bold, sassy- awesome look
Hot pink polish on all nails, but one. Make the one (whichever you’d like), silver sparkled. Subtle, but hot and very fun!
Hot pink with a couple nails (whichever you choose) having hot pink and vertical stripes. No one says they all have to be the same anymore!

Some designs to think about with light pink nails are the following:

Light pink nails with white x’s and o’s on a few nails for a totally cute and sassy design- love this for Valentine’s day!
This one is totally classy and cute as can be- all light pink and one nail on each hand with a tiny white painted heart. So awesome and very pretty!
Something that one might wear to a club or with a very expensive dress, or just to look sexy- all light pink with pink holographic glitter every other nail- simply stunning!

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