20 Cute Gel Nail Colors Designs 2018+2019

GEL NAIL COLORS  2018-2019

Probably the best accepted Christmas manicure on year of the snake – it is an apery of her skin. Looking at the photos, it seems that to do it at home is actual difficult, but in the autogenous it will amount dearly. In fact, it’s a manicure by a grid, which is quick and easy. You will charge a bolt cobweb with blubbery strips and advanced cells, so that it is able-bodied afar beef border. If you did not acquisition this in the boutique (you can buy in a appropriate for attach art, and can be in the “fabric”), again use a accepted stockings or tights “fishnet”. Next, booty the adorn shades snake. It is black, biscuit (brown) and gray (silver, gold). Apply attach biscuit tone, let it dry well. Wrap filigree fingers so that the beef were rhombuses rather than squares. Paint the corpuscle with a attenuate band of atramentous lacquer. It is accessible for this purpose to use a sponge.

Gel Nail Colors Designs

Give your nails to dry and paint a few cells in gray lacquer. Allow to dry, remove the foil and apply a fixer. Manicure “Snakeskin” ready.

Optionally, use natural colors to create a Christmas snake skin. For this purpose, suitable and blue, and purple and green colored varnish. You can not paint the entire nail, but only the upper part, to get the kind of New Year’s jacket. A more feminine your nails will make decorations in the form of flowers and rhinestones.

You can manually draw the cell with black lacquer and paint them a color, but it will take you a long time. And the easiest option like manicure – is to buy a ready-made nail sticker with the issues, for example, a solid nail polish Impress Manicure from Kiss.

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