Beautiful Henna Nails Design with Tutorial

Henna for Nails:

Since ancient times, people have thought that strengthening and painting the nails with henna is a nice idea. Every woman knows about how henna is used for hair treatment. This natural dye can make the hair color brighter strengthening the hair and making it shine. But henna nail art is not so popular. This is a tradition of Eastern countries. The exact origin of this art is difficult to detect but it is known that Indian girls painted pictures on their nails and skin with vegetable pigment to charm their grooms at weddings.


Henna Nails Design

It is convenient to apply this mixture to the nail plate with a small applicator. Not to let the mixture peel off and blot something when you paint the nails, it’s recommended to cover it with food film. Only then you can proceed with painting other nails.

The Process of Covering Mehendi on Nails
It should be noted that it is quite uncomfortable to cover the nails with vegetable pigment on your own. So it’s better to combine this cosmetic procedure with getting together with friends.

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