50 Cool Dutch Braids Hairstyle Ideas to Try

50 Pretty Styles that Feature Dutch Braids

Look how adding dutch braids to almost any hairstyle can change your look completely! Braids are not only very trendy right now but also help to keep your hair out of your face, keep you cool in hot weather and let you participate in sports easier. There’re lots of ways to do this braiding technique, different angles, leaving some of the hair down, dressy or casual looks. Unless your hair is really short you can add this look to your hair. The braids can be tight or loose and feature one braid or multiple braids. Hair accessories can be added to the styles too.

Dutch Braids Hairstyle Ideas

One Long Plait for Very Long Hair

The braid begins on top in the front and continues to flow all the way to the ends. On really long hair you have the choice of pulling the braid to the front on either side across the shoulder or flipped around letting it trail down the middle of the back. Or you might be tempted to do something else creative with this long dutch braid. This fun style could be worn with dressy or casual clothes.

Double Dutch Style Meant to Be Messy

The braiding around the head is done on each side very loosely. The bottom of the two braids is left from the nape of the neck down. Notice how braiding accentuates hair with multiple hair strand colors so nicely. The braids add a lot of dimension to hair that has multiple colors in it from highlights or even graying hair.

Gorgeous Low Bun and Dutch Braid Combo

A Very loose braid or two across the crown ending in a low, messy bun at the back of the neck. Strands are left out of this updo for a very sophisticated and natural look. Again, notice how the highlights are shown to their best advantage in a dutch braid. This is could be the best hairstyle here. It’s so romantic-looking!

Pretty Dutch Braid Crown

It’s amazing what can be done with braids! The braid begins on the opposite side and continues across the top and down toward the ear. There’s an unusual technique here that is done in the center giving the dutch braid added texture. It finishes as a braid to the side. Wow!

This Brings to Mind a Maiden of Olde

Otherworldly is what it is! And definitely one of the most romantic braiding styles, but pretty complicated. Much of the bottom hair is left loose. The top and part of the sides are dutch braided and then gathered into a loose bun along with some of the side hair in the back. Strands are left flowing out and into other sections. It would be fun to choose clothes to wear with this one.

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