Elegant Nail Ideas Nudes Are Simply Gorgeous

Elegant Nail Ideas to Express Your Personality

Elegant has always been in style, even as other fashion trends come and go, in clothes, in hairstyles, and now in nail styles as well. While trendier nail designs can be a lot of fun, the simpler, understated looks are all set to stand up to the test of time, and the woman who rocks these classic, elegant looks will always be in style.

Nail Ideas

Pretty And Pink With A Sparkly Twist

The first of our 30 nail designs is this set of nude pink nails with a sparkly accent nail to give it a little kick. The simplicity of the other nails is offset by the bright shimmer of the third nail, and the end result is every bit as cute as it is eye-catching!

Textured Nails Can Draw Attention

Nail designs don’t have to be flashy or dramatic in order to be beautiful. The pretty, knit design on these accent nails are a perfect match for the rich, dark colors of the other nails, so that the black nail design doesn’t overwhelm the viewer, and the soft, delicate pattern is still breathtaking in its reserve.

Metallic Stripes Add A Bit Of Glam

For different nail designs, metal highlights can be used to highlight the simplicity and shape of the nail or to draw the attention to the wearer’s hand. These nude, natural nails are set apart by the splash of light and reflection in the single, clean cut of the metallic stripe, enough to catch someone’s eye without being too loud.

Crystals On White Nails And Glitter

Like some of the other nail designs on this list, this nail art designs takes elements of glitter nails, sparkly nails, and shiny nails to create a look that’s totally unique! The glitter on two of the nails is reflected by the crystals on the other two, and the glossy finish keeps both designs feeling fresh.

Beautifully Shaped Almond Style With Solid Blue

For a look that’s cool in every sense of the word, the nail color shown here gives a calm, collected look that’s offset by the unique finger rings and fun, fuzzy sweater. Proving that sometimes the simplest style is best, this long nail design is different enough for fun, but simple enough to be timeless.

Short And Well Kept With Intricate Design

The beautiful design on the accent nail here is an easy way to take a pretty set of nails and make them awesome in their simplicity. The muted colors of the other nails and design evocative of old lace and sugared swirls take what should be elements of the past and combine them to make one of the cutest styles of 2018!

Florals And Pinks Add A Sweet Flare
Floral designs have been popular on and off throughout history, and this is as good a reason as any to make them popular now! With an easy sheen on the four remaining fingernails, the beautiful floral design on the accent nail is as classic as it is creative.

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