50 Amazing Manicures to Find Your Glitter Nails Goals

50 Ways to Wear Glitter Nails Like a Boss

With glitter nails are simply more festive and fun to wear. Glitter is the universally awesome nail color. There is just something about that glitz on your fingertips that puts a smile on your face.Going to a party? Going to the beach? Binge eating mochi on your couch while watching Will & Grace until you feel better about the world? Glitter nails are a hit for every occasion!Honestly, was there ever a time that glitter nails were unpopular? We really don’t think so. But if there was, we’re glad we don’t remember it.

Glitter Nails

Shimmery Acid Effect Pink Glitter Nails

Do you love pink nails? Do you love glitter? Do you love the 80s? Then there are the nails for you. It’s a totally 2018 take on 80s neon and it’s so fun! The neon pink color has glitter in different shapes and sizes throughout. It creates a cool acid-like effect and also shimmers and shines.

Iridescent Long Chrome Glitter Nails

The combination of iridescent chrome color with a glittery finish is a unique nail polish idea that’s bold and beautiful. This color would be awesome on long or short nails, and it’s actually pretty simple. The polish does all the work. It’s a dark chrome polish with an opalescent finish and micro glitter to make it sparkle as well as shine.

Classy Pink Polish With Textured Glitter Accent

OMG, we are in love with this cute easy nail design. This is the best neutral glitter nail design – totally appropriate for work and play. The base color is a creamy, semi-sheer baby pink. The ring finger accent nail is finished with an expertly color-matched textured glitter (probably from a glitter powder).

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