55+ Super Birthday Nails for Special Day

Wearing birthday nails is an awesome way to bring cheer and color to your special day. When you wear a special birthday design, you will get many compliments. You will also get even more “happy birthday” wishes.

Nail art is a fun way to add color and sparkle to your everyday wardrobe. There are a wide variety of birthday motifs to choose from. Cupcake nails are trendy and adorable. You can also choose to wear candles, hearts, or polka dots. Abstract or graphic designs like polka dots are cool ways to celebrate your birthday without the obvious theme.

Birthday Nails

Gradient and Graphic Lines Combined

This creative birthday nail art combines the techniques of gradient nails with graphic lines. The stenciled design resembles mermaid scales for an up-to-date look for 2018. The pretty, peach colored gel polish would look flattering on most people. The stenciled lines are impressive and will get noticed. Try this manicure in a variety of colors for different effects.

Pink Nails with Magical Glitter

Starry Sky Gradient with Lovely Glitter

The cobalt blue to a purple gradient of these nails looks like the night sky after sunset. On the subtle background, the glitter stands out. These nail designs are great for a birthday or for any day when you want to bring some sparkle to the party. Try them in different gradient colors for a new look.

Cool Fake Nails to Make a Splash

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