20 Recent Gel Nail Polish Brands Trends

These days nail art is on the edge of popularity, and new ideas are appearing with every day. That is why you should keep in touch not only with all the recent trends but also with all the appearing products. Gel nail polish is something you probably have already heard about or even tried out. That is why it is time you learn all the truth about this recent type of nail polish!

Gel Nail Polish Brands

Born Pretty Gel Nail Polish
If judge a book by the cover it is time you judge the nail polish by the name. Born pretty actually speaks for itself and now we are going to explain precisely why.


Easy to apply even for a beginner.
Easy to remove.
Used both by professionals and beginners.
Lasing-effect up to 14 days.
Variety of shades to choose from.

The formula may be the issue for some people.

HNM Gel Nail Polish
HNM is another gel nail polish to try out, especially if you are just beginning your journey into the realm of nail art. Here is what you should know before investing into this nail polish.


Great range of shades to experiment with.
Easy to remove.
Easy to apply.

Pigmentation leaves much to be desired.
Colors may differ in real life.

Elite99 Gel Nail Polish
Very often when you are just getting addicted to something you have to monitor your budges closely, if you recently found yourself addicted to gel nail art – this is exactly the type of nail polish you need to consider!


Lasting, up to two weeks.
Great variety of colors.
Popular polishes included.

Not a professional brand.
Improper durability.

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