The most Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial for Summer

Hey my admirable ladies! The best common designs for Summer are flowers, award and anchors are for summer time, abatement leaves and pumpkins are a allotment of abatement attach designs and back it comes to winter annihilation says winter bigger than snowflakes. So, if you demand to add a little Winter animation to your nails with a blithe snowflakes check out the easy step-by-step tutorial below.

Snowflake nails are possibly the easiest and quickest winter nail design you can do. No nail art tools, complex masking with striping tape or excessive drying time. The entire design (as pictured) is done in one go and it takes about 20 minutes to do on both hands, including drying time. Just choose a base color to polish your nails and then draw some snowflake designs with some other contrasting color. You can deck out all 10 fingertips with glitter and white snowflake designs, or go for a more simple nail art look that highlights one nail. Or if you think that you want get them right you can get some snowflake stickers and just apply them. Don’t worry about making all your snowflakes match, after all every snowflake is unique so it will be fun to have different patterns.

Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial

If you want to spice up this tutorial a bit, you can try an ombre base!
Like I said, all snowflakes are different so get creative and play around with different shapes.
Since this is such detailed line work, the thinner the brush the better!
If you make a mistake with the white detailing, just cover it up with a bit of red polish (or with the polish you used for the base)!
Another way to spice it up is to go over the snowflake with glitter. Or just dab a bit here and there so it has a bit of sparkle. It’s Christmas, you can always add sparkles!

So are you a fan of snowflake nail art? Which of the designs above are your favorites? Tell me in the comments which one from the above snowflake nail designs you will copy first. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other nail designs for your inspiration.

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