Gorgeous pictures of trendy Newspaper nails

Read all about it! Read all about it! On your nails! What? Yes! How trendy! Newspaper Nail Art is the latest affair back … able-bodied … newspapers!

Newspaper nails refers to book and book combos advised on your absolute nails. Layovers and cardboard crafting go duke in duke back it comes to newspaper print nails.

Want to get your bulletin across? imply print it on your nails!

Take a breather, put your legs up, and booty a attending at our gorgeous pictures and photos, which will Wow your animation away.

trendy Newspaper nails

The old style newspaper print works on wallpapers and book covers, so why not on your nails. Take a look at these awesome overlay newspaper print nails to get some classy ideas.

Why stick to plain old white and black? Dash in some beautiful color, which can be very simple to apply. Newspaper nail art can pop your outfit and be a reason to chat to someone. Talk about the news or talk about your nail designs. No matter which, you will have a talking point.

Adding in some flowery prints or cute embosses, can electrify your newspaper nail print.

Whether it be this cream, red and black combo or paper perfect black and white, with a red heart decal, you can be writing history on your nails.



Love your books and reading? Why not getting creative with an old typewriter print or cursive writing words? These images show us just how cool newspaper nail art can be.

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