99+ pictures of pretty manicure nail designs

Sometimes, you don’t demand to go adventurous and angry with your manicure, nor do you demand to be awe-inspiring and blue with your nail art designs. For these days, we’ve put calm a gallery of pictures of pretty nail designs for when you want a beautiful and very pretty look.

Whether you wear normal, acrylic, or gel nails, or want easy to do or complicated pretty nail design ideas, your perfect pretty nail design is here for you. The following pretty nails will make you smile and wonder at their lovely appearances, we promise you!

You really don’t need to spend a ton of time to have very pretty nails. Just pick some pretty nail polish, swipe it on, and you’re ready to go! Here are very simple pretty nail designs to inspire you.

The ombre (check out here for more ideas), or gradient, effect is also easy to perfect. You need at least two different colors and a keen artistic eye to blend them together for a very pretty design. Don’t you think the following pictures are absolutely lovely?

Sparkly pretty nail designs.url

Pink pretty nails.url

Classy pretty nail art.url

Pretty nail art with rhinestone.url

Pretty nails.url

Easy pretty nail art.url

Pretty nail art for short nails.url

Cool pretty manicure.url

Fashion pretty nail designs.url

Fashion pretty nails.url

Most popular pretty nails.url

Pretty stiletto manicure.url

Blue pretty nails.url

Cute pretty nails.url

Classy pretty nail art_2619259.url

Pretty zebra nail designs.url

Acrylic pretty nail designs.url

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