30 Beautiful Classic Red Nails Designs (Photos)

Red nails are the basal to any archetypal chichi fashionista’s cosmetics counter. Almost as basal as red lips, red nails are abiding to be a champ with any outfit, an accessible go-to aback you’re activity fatigued about your look. Check out this admirable lady, her red nails brace altogether with her red aperture and cami, giving her an effortless french composure in a laid aback style. Or the woman in the account beneath her, with her red clover purse that contrasts her white accouterments and offsets the red nails.

Classic Red Nails Designs

This manicure couldn’t be simpler, when your nails are a little longer than your base of your finger, paint them with any red nail polish that looks flattering on your skin tone for an easy and fast professional look.

Need to be out the door quick for a job interview or a friend’s wedding? No problem! Use a fast drying nail polish like this one. Don’t have a fast drying polish? Try sticking your hands in the freezer to dry them faster, or run them under ice water.

This look requires almost no prep work, simply cut your nails down to a comfortable length and gloss over your nails with a gel-based nail polish. The gel polish gives you a longer wear time and a beautiful shine.

This witch-esque style is not for the faint of heart, or those who desire a more practical style. However, this look can be great for a costume- or those who are in dire need of a portable back scratcher!

instead of investing in another bottle of polish to upgrade your look, try some rings to step up your hand envy game. Use multiple rings on a single finger to get a stacked effect that looks whimsical and bohemian.

Don’t feel comfortable with too many rings on your hands? Try a single flamboyant ring as a statement accessory. You can choose a neutral color that pairs with your outfit, like pictured here, or purchase a red one that will match your manicure.

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