Sexy and Eassy Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyles

Proms are special events, and it it especially important for a young lady to be dressed at her best. But there are some hair style that look too sexy or sassy for these teenage girls. When looking for a hairstyle for the big dance, you want something that shows off the features in you face and compliments the dress. Half up half down prom hairstyles are classy enough for such an event, but subtle enough that the hairstyles are age appropriate. They pull the hair off the face so that their jewelry and makeup can be the centerpiece of their beauty. But it also adds a playful and girlish-like essence to the hairstyle, resembling a princess. Try out one of these half up half down hairstyles. You will look gorgeous in whatever dress you choose.

This beautiful and simple hairstyle is very easy to accomplish. Just by pulling the sides together to meet at the back of the head and clipping it together, you can allow the loose curls to fall on the shoulders and down the back, keeping the hair away from the front of the face. Even though this is a simple hairstyle to create, you can add flair to the hairstyle by changing the curls.

This hairstyle brings out any highlights in your hair, as the fishtail shows the contrast as well as the flowery, barely curly locks of hair that frame the face. This half up half down hairstyles is perfect for a dress with a lot of sparkles and glitter. The modesty of the hairstyle will not add too much to the eye-catching attraction of the dress.

If you are looking for a romantic hairstyle because you want to impress your prom date, this is the half updo hairstyle for you. The hairstyle is very easy to do, as the hair is slightly pulled back, but not all the way. That is because the large and wide clip with croissants like flowers runs across the back of the head and holds the sides slightly back.

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