Creative Polka Dot Nails Colors to try in 2018

“Let them be beautiful” is what comes to our mind when we people see nails. Yes! We are talking about your lovely nails which every women loves to take care of. It doesn’t matter what your mood is, you will always love to designs your nails. And what could be better option than cool polka dot nails designs which are elegant and classy. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or your hard earned in a salon as polka nails designs are easy to do, and anyone can do them easily at home.

Combination of colors is the best to choose from the wide variety of ideas as it is eye-catching. Set white as a background and then apply different colors on single nail such that every color looks attractive. Repeat it on every nail.

There is something really natural about the sky color which makes it so beautiful. And now is the time to apply it on your nails. Select a sky blue color and apply them on your nails and cover your beautiful nails with white small polka dots. Trust us, it looks elegant!! It works with small as well long nails.



Black and white has always been a deadly combo and they always look cool together with no exception. Set black as base colour and then apply small polka dots of white color such that it look polished. This design will always compliment your outfit.


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