34+ Trendy and Beautiful Updos for Wedding

Firstly, congratulations, you are going to be a Wedding or maybe you’re the bride looking for inspiration for your bridesmaid hair on the day, either way exciting times ahead. Searching the internet for bridesmaid hairstyles can be a nightmare, there are so many different styles to choose from. Our advice would be to have a general idea of what you want. It’s much easier this way because it can be overwhelming and you lose sight of what you initially love.

If the bride has already chosen her hairstyle then the next job is to decide on the bridesmaids. I would suggest this way round so that the bridesmaid’s hair isn’t the same and it then complements the bride’s hair. The bridesmaids hair must look stunning as they will be photographed all day so it’s a big decision. Are you going to have a themed wedding? For instance you may want all of your bridesmaids to have their hair up in a bun so they all are consistent or let them all go freestyle and show off their character. We have chosen 35 gorgeous updos for you to think about.

Updos for Wedding

The bun is simple and always elegant. You can always add braids or twists to create a more detailed hairstyle. This is a tight and neat bun which will last all day. It has a girly yet sophisticated vibe for any bridesmaid. If you are following a classic, traditional wedding, then this will set your wedding.

Updos for Wedding

Have a fishtail braid and combine it with a headband to emphasis the hairstyle. This is a fabulous style and it’s not the usual looking fishtail as it’s sideways, not long ways.

A side sweep bun works beautifully for bridesmaids. Adding a braid to your side bun will add femininity and glamour. The styles doesn’t stop there, you can incorporate flowers to match your bouquet.

You can truly create a sweet and cute bun shape that will complement this braid. You can even decorate around the bun with a hairpiece, like the photo above.

Don’t be fooled by the name, chignon is a French word meaning hair bun and they tend to be pinned rather than wrapped around. They are usually large, formal and worn low on the head. This will take no time to form and all you do is simple use a central pin and tuck it under.

For a bride choosing a hairstyle for more than one bridesmaid can get stressful and time consuming. As this is versatile, this is a good option. Nowadays, many brides are choosing a messy style updo for their bridesmaids. Sleek and neat hair was so last season, make way for the messy hair, girls.

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