Simple and Sweet American Tiffany Nails Art

Tiffany & Co is an American luxury jewelry company that is popular worldwide for its high quality, beautiful jewelry. It’s also well known for its turquoise-teal blue green signature color: “Tiffany Blue.” Tiffany Tiffany Nails polish is on trend right now.

Beautiful, light blue, pale blue, bright blue, or blue green shades of nail polish have been used to create Tiffany and Co inspired nail art. We’ve put together the best Tiffany color nail designs for you here – use it as inspiration for cute, pretty, dainty fingernails when you want to feel stylish and luxurious!

Tiffany Nails Art

I used my striping tape to create the package ribbon lines on all of my nails, except for my ring fingers. I used my striping tape to create a quilted pattern on my ring fingers for a bit of an accent. I then applied one coat of China Glaze For Audrey, of course!!

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