Easy Lob Haircuts Ideas for Summer 2018-2019

Are you thinking of changing your Lob Haircuts in time for summer?  There are so many styles that you can choose from, no wonder everyone needs a little hair inspiration.  Many people tend to wait until they see a hairstyle they like before they book their hair appointment.  We think the hairstyle of the year, (or should I say years) is a gorgeous hairstyle to choose.  It goes by the name lob.  Which is in other words, is a long bob.  You can style the lob however you like.  Wavy, curls, straight, up-do, half up half down style, sleek or messy.  Just because you have a long bob, doesn’t stop all the styling options you can have.  You still have the security of tying your hair back.

Lob Haircuts Ideas for Summer

Messy hair is still trending so the straight out of bed look is a must, especially when we can get away with it! Every girl loves messy hair, right? Having messy hair means you don’t have to worry about it every minute of the day, just let it go.

Having a lob hairstyle is fun and you can style it in so many ways. Thicker hair looks great in a long bob style and adding the honey blonde balayage highlights is the icing on the cake. The balayage highlights look natural and add that extra touch of style.

Ombre is still going strong guys! The lob and blonde ombre look perfect together. With all the new trends going on, people seems to forget about ombre but we are here to remind you.

If your hair is feeling limp and lifeless, try curling it. Curly, textured lob looks stunning and so girly. Balayage highlights will add that special touch that no other highlight technique will be able to do.

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