60+Unique Matte Glitters Nail Art Designs 2018

Hello beautiful ladies! The glitters nail ideas always stay in trend for girls,they look so glamorous and make you stand out in the crowd . I wanted to help you enhance and complete your look. Let’s take a look at these beautiful glitters nail art ideas and you should definitely try to copy some of them, and you will surely be the center of attention on that day.

Matte Glitters Nail Art Designs

Currently, nail art is something women are obsessed with. And why not? It is not only fun with the art but gives a beautiful and finishing look to your nails. It is definitely a must-do before any special occasion or parties. After all, glitter nail art is the right choice to add an extra edge to your party look. Moreover, it is easy and gives glamorous touch to your nails at the same time.

You can experiment with glitter nail art in myriad ways. Like, add glitter nail polish only to one of your fingers and different shades to others, apply glitter in some pattern (stripes or chevron), use same shade of glitter with matte nail polish or try sparkling sequins. Again, don’t stick to just golden and silver glitter but try different hues of it.

If you are trying glitter nail art for parties or the coming New Year’s eve, then go for long coffin nails or stiletto nails. Otherwise, it suits to short nails equally. Well, to make it even more clear about what suits when, scroll down to the glitter nail art ideas!

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