35 Ideas Of Short Red Hair Ideas for Women

Short red hair has been perceived to be too bright and many women were discouraged to have red hairstyles. In some part of the world, women with red hair were perceived to be witches and people could not look into their eyes directly. However, the world of fashion has changed and today red hair is one of the most trending and inspirational. Modern women are coloring their hair in different red color shades and trimming it short to look fashionable and fancy. This article highlights some of the timeless short red hair shades and styles that a modern woman can choose from and come out rocking.

Short Red Hair Ideas

For women who want a cool short hairstyle that is flashy and easy to shape, this style cannot fail you. The first step is to color the hair Currant red-brown with darker shades towards the roots. Once you are done with the coloring, the next step is slicking the hair sideways from the top to form soft waves around the head and covering temples on both sides. The hair should be trimmed the same length around the neck area to look neat and stylish.

This hairstyle is unique, trendy and eye-catching for women who love a relatively dark red hairstyle. The hair is first colored mahogany red and then swept to the sides into soft waves covering the temples on both sides. Part of the hair is swept forward above the forehead and tips trimmed to spice the style. The hair is trimmed unevenly for this style to come out uniquely.

The first step is to have a partial undercut so that long hair is left at the top of the head. Once you are done with trimming the hair, the long hair at the top of the head is colored red highlights, styled to form soft curls and swept forward to look sassy.

For women who love bob haircut, you can spice yours to look unique by first coloring your hair garnet red with mild brown highlights. The tips should be trimmed along the neck and swept inward for the style to come out gracefully.

In this style, the hair is first colored purple-red blonde to make the style unique and classy. Once you are done with the coloring, the next step is to shape the hair into a bob style with tips trimmed along the neck.

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