Lovely and Classic Red Nail Polish for 2018

Red Nail Polish are the staple to any classic chic fashionista’s cosmetics counter. Almost as basic as red lips, Red Nail Polish are sure to be a winner with any outfit, an easy go-to when you’re feeling stressed about your look. Check out this lovely lady, her red nails pair perfectly with her Red Nail lips and cami, giving her an effortless french sophistication in a laid back style. Or the woman in the picture below her, with her red velvet purse that contrasts her white outfit and offsets the red nails.

Glossy Red Fakies

Red Nail Polish

These classic red fake nails are great for when you just want a basic look that is still beautiful.

Rose Red Long Boxy Nails

Red Nail Polish

These nails are long, but they look beautiful because how the long nails are shaped into clear and concise box shapes.

Mahogany Red

These mahogany nails are the darkest red on this list, but don’t feel shy about paring them with darker colors, like the black sweater shown here for a moody, ethereal look.

Neon Red

While this shade of red nail polish would look great on any skin tone, it is especially visible on people of darker skin colors.

However, before we jump into the examples, here are a few tips to keep your manicure looking fresh and coax it to stay on as long as possible.


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