The Best Short Hair Color for Stylish Ladies

It’s no secret that as we start to get older our looks change. It’s also no secret that we are constantly looking for ways to appear younger with anti-aging products and hiding our grays. However, there is no need to resort to drastic measures to bring youth back into your face; a simple change in hairstyle can really make a difference. In fact, your current hairstyle could actually be aging you. It’s important to know when a hairstyle is no longer benefiting your look. The truth is, you can’t always pull off the same things you got away with when you were 20.

Short Hair Color

Chestnut Beauty

Go for a choppy bob with straight cut bangs for personality. As a final touch, inject some life with a beautiful blend of brown chestnut tones and lighter highlights that will leave you glowing.

Ice Queen Meets Beach Waves

Is your hair going white? Use it to your advantage and create a chic cool blonde by contrasting it with darker undertones. Platinum blonde beach waves with long soft layers are a look worth dying for!

The Edgy Pixie Cut

Want to add a bit of edge to your style? Go for a pixie cut with volume at the back and a long side bang. Add some blonde highlights for a bit of rock and roll! This look is edgy and youthful, however, be careful not to go too edgy since it can look overdone and add years to your look.

The Highlighting Effect

The key to appearing younger is looking fresh, not faded. Thankfully there is a simple solution to this problem. Brighten up your face with a touch of blonde and lighter tones. Top it off with a younger haircut and you’re good to go!

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