Gel Nail Polish Strips: Cute and Simple Nail Art

Gel Nail Polish Strips trends are changing from season to season. In this year strip nail design that can give your manicure luxury, aristocratic restraint and grace is in vogue. It is possible to buy best Gel Nail Polish Strips practically in any shop where beauty and care products are presented. A sticky strip resembling an adhesive tape can be of various colors and, of course, sizes. But the most popular ones are very thin, literally 1.5 mm. Exactly such sizes of the strip make manicure aristocratic, original, aesthetic and elegant. If you used sequins for a stylish effect before, now exactly strips are more popular.

Gel Nail Polish Strips
Gel Nail Polish Strips

The classic version of the french manicure tape strips on the top of the nail can be done by everyone at home. And many girls just paint gold strips for nails with usual polish. Remember how much efforts you spent to make this strip smooth and accurate. Especially if you did not use special sets for French manicure. But if you have sticky strips on nails, you always get beautiful, stylish and very original manicure.

For example, striped manicure looks very original and bright. You only need apply nail polish, wait until it dries completely and stick several strips in a parallel way. Note that you can use any types of decorative varnish as a basis, as strips do not fall off. Any design of nails with gel (shellac) and matte designs with a strip look really elegant and stylish. The main thing is that your strip is flat, matches the color of the polish or is contrasting.

How to Use Striping Tape for Nails?

Step 1
To get neat manicure, you should first do the manicure itself. Get rid of the cuticles, cut your nails and give the nail plate the right shape using a nail file.

Step 2
After these procedures, apply any decorative polish (gel, plain, acrylic, etc.). Wait until the coating dries completely, so that the tape is firmly stuck and the coating is not damaged.

Step 3
After the polish has dried, cut off the necessary length of the strip and remove it from the base. Keep the strip’s tip so that it gets as little oil as possible, which damages the adhesive composition and prevent the strip from adhering to the nails.

Step 4
Stick on nail polish strips the strip closer to the perimeter of the nail to get a complete and harmonious effect. But you can not allow the strip for nail design to be above the edge of the nail plate, as this damages it and it will quickly peel off.

Step 5
After you have carefully attached everything, you should apply a layer of fixing polish to protect the strip and the resulting pattern sticking it more firmly.

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